Visitors of AIA enjoy range of technologically pioneering services

The Business Centre, access points to the Internet and wireless access service included in AIA’s philosophy provide innovative technology solutions and products with direct benefits for passengers and visitors.


The Wireless Internet Zone Service is available within the airport’s terminal areas and is offered for FREE for 60’. This service is accessible to laptops & palmtops (PDAs).The brand new WiZ portal offers detailed info on your flight status, news & promos of the airport’s Shopping Centre, the e-tv service which allows you to watch tv channels & videos on your laptop and many more. The services of the WiZ portal are provided free of charge on a 24h basis. Of course, by clicking the “Connect to the Internet” banner, you get free access on the Internet for 60′.Upon the completion of the FREE period of 60’ further access to the internet can be provided either through the Free Internet Access Points or through the Business Centre’s facilities at a cost (Arrivals Level).

Business Centre

Located at the Arrivals Level, AIA’s Business Centre is specially designed to fully meet the business needs of passengers/visitors in the fields of organisation and communication.

Each office is equipped with:

• Personal PC with dial-up connection
• Telephone set
• Internet access
• Printing & Faxing services
• Photocopying services

In addition a six-person meeting room which includes:

• Conference tele-set
• Video projector
• Laser printer
• Personal PC
• Internet access
Tel: +30 210 3530533

Source : AIA www.aia.gr